Sunday, January 20, 2013

construction zone

It's been awhile since we renovated anything around the house.  Mike and I have switched over from the do-it-yourself mentality to the lets-just-hire-someone.  You'd think it would be easier to just pay someone to do it, but even that takes time.  You have to find reputable people to do the work, get bids, arrange for them to come over, de-junk the space you want to re-do, etc etc.

This is why we still do not have a direct doorway to the bathroom for our guests.  One day, you will not have to walk through a bedroom to use the potty.

During Christmas break, Grandma D and I started talking about play spaces for S.  Our house is generally very open, but when I'm hanging out in the living room, I cannot see S in her bedroom.  And really, her bedroom is too small to set up a table or play kitchen.  So, I decided to turn my old office into S' play room.

First step: de-junk.

I went through my papers and sold my old desk on craigslist.

Second step: pull down ceiling tiles and hire drywall man to replace

This was not fun.  In the future, I will add demolition to the list of things worth paying other people to do.

Third step: paint

Stay tuned.   Drywall man should be finished on Monday.  So, I probably won't be able to paint until next weekend...

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Olivia Carter said...

Can't wait to see it all fixed up!