Sunday, November 11, 2012

Let it Snow!

Time is flying by!  I cannot believe how big S has gotten.  Seems like it was just yesterday that we were able to hold her like a little football in one hand.  She still doesn't talk much, but understands a ton.

Here is her "cheese" face.  Love it.

Last year she was too little to really care about snow.  Turns out, this year, she's older but still not very interested.  She much preferred to stay in dad's arms.

Astro, on the other had, was having a blast running through the snow.  Until he got too cold and had to go inside.

She's quite the little helper these days.  Good thing because we got a TON of snow!  It pretty much snowed non-stop from Friday until Sunday afternoon.  I finally gave in and packed up S' summer dresses and shorts.  Time to go shopping for some baby boots.  

Mikes heads out to Chicago this week for a conference. Thankfully my mom is going to pop in to help me out while he's gone.  Then next week, we are off to good ole' Connecticut for Thanksgiving!  We are trying out a red eye for the flight out.  It will either be awesome or a nightmare.  Keep your fingers crossed!



Olivia Carter said...

Love her cheese smile and love your hair color in that bottom pic!

MOMJ said...

A little snow skier in the making!

Emmalani said...

haha! This is so cute! What a great little helper :)