Sunday, December 23, 2012

Twas the Weekend Before Christmas...

and the Tananas flew to Phoenix to witness the wedding of the not-so-wee Boo Boo.

It's not very often that my entire family gets together, so it was really nice to see everyone - even if it was only for a couple days.  While we were all in one locale, the girls had a little luncheon for Emma.  Can you believe she is going to be a momma soon?  I'm so excited for her and James.

Can you believe how big Kathryn's girls/my nieces are?!  Emma's friend, Garna (lower right hand corner) was nice enough to host the event.

Sistas!  The only one missing is Becky, who didn't arrive until later that day . . .

(check out S' "cheese" face - love it)

Of course the big event was the wedding of these two love birds:  Aaron & Loren

They were married in the Mesa temple and had a really nice indoor/outdoor wedding reception with delicious food (Loren's mom is a caterer).  I totally forgot my camera, so you'll have to wait for more pictures until I have the chance to steal them from other people.  Needless to say, it was a beautiful wedding and we are so happy for the newlyweds.

Personally, I'm stoked that Mike and I can start doing overnight dates and we'll have A&L in the area to babysit.  


Olivia Carter said...

Hooray Emma & Horray Boo-boo! Woot!

Esther Noelle said...

So cute!! I haven't seen Aaron's cute little wife before - such a cute couple!! And yay for babysitters!!! :)