Sunday, June 9, 2013


I know I'm always saying it, but time is just flying by.  It's been a super busy time for me at work.  My firm merged with a larger firm to become the new firm's family law section.  Aside from the physical move, I've had to undergo training on the way the new firm functions and the programs they use.  I loved our old firm, but I am optimistic that the new place will be just as great.

We also headed east for a mini-vacation.  First, I caught up with my Dartmouth roomies, Katie and Lisa.  Love those girls and their little kids.   Then we spent a couple of days at Mike's parents before S and I headed home.  Mike stayed back east for the remainder of the week to climb with a buddy.

Even though we were only in Vermont for a few days, it was soooo relaxing.  Lisa's place is incredibly kid friendly.  The kids would walk out the front door and no one cared because there were no drop offs or cars in sight.  The kids also entertained each other really well.  S didn't have a single temper tantrum the whole weekend.  She was just too excited to meet her future college roommate.

My little baby turns 2 this month.  Can you believe it?  For the most part, I think Mikes and I have done really well these past 2 years.  I love being a mom.  It can be overwhelming sometimes, especially working full-time, but I'm glad that we jumped into parenthood when we did.  That said, I also feel like I need to reorganize my life a little.   Since going back to work full-time, it's been incredibly hard to exercise.  So, one of my main goals right now is to regularly work out.  We'll see!  New work out clothes always help out...


Olivia Carter said...

What fantastic pictures! I love it!

Esther Noelle said...

Looks like such a fun trip!!!!