Wednesday, January 22, 2014

House Projects

We are putting our old house up on the market in a few weeks.  Yikes!   In order to get it ready, I need to do some touch up painting and Mikes is finishing up some transitions and moulding we never got around to.  But, it is really hard to get motivated to paint the old place when I want to paint the new place!

One of the rooms that I have been wanting to put together for awhile now is S' bedroom.  She has a new big girl bed arriving this weekend!  I also need to put up her decorations, but I had wanted to repaint her room first.  The vast majority of the new place is painted yellow and I am not a fan.  So keep your eye out for a before and after coming soon.  We'll see what I can get done!  It may even involve a little stencil work from my favorite place -  Wallovers.


Liv Carter said...

Pretty picture of you and the sweetie pie!

Syahrul Findi Ardiansyah said...

Nice experience! Hope you write a lot about it

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